Lab Packing Services

Hazardous waste is generated by various industries. Any Laboratory, irrespective of it size, that handles chemicals or generates hazardous waste, is required to manage it too. Lab Packing involves packing of hazardous as well non-hazardous waste materials. In the process, hazardous waste and other products are put in containers on site. The lab waste is segregated according to its compatibility before packing. This is necessary to prevent incompatible materials accidentally coming into contact. It is necessary to classify unknown chemicals properly before packing. Reactive waste is rendered nonreactive before packing. Several containers are repacked into large drums lined with a compatible absorbent material. These drums are sealed, labeled and transported in a safe manner, in accordance with rules and regulations in place, to a chemical landfill, storage facility or a treatment site for disposal.

We offer to do this complex job for you. Haz Waste Company maintains very high standards in undertaking this work that requires in-depth knowledge of chemical properties of various substances to prevent any accident either due to leakage or volatility. Lab packing is also done for non-hazardous wastes, including pool chemicals, aerosols, inks, paints thinners, dyes, acids reagents, cleaning and disinfecting agents. The company ensures necessary paperwork associated with lab packing is complete before transportation.

If your business generates chemical or hazardous waste, we offer you a reliable and dependable solution to your lab packing needs. We have experienced workforce that ensures that all procedures right from packing, removal, transportation and the lab waste disposal are met in compliance with state / federal rules & regulations. These regulations are somewhat complex as it involves compatibility of chemicals and spill absorption material requirements. Any violation of law is treated seriously in this field. It is our responsibility and commitment to handle lab packing of hazardous waste to best of your satisfaction.

Haz Waste Company’ Lab packing services in California, USA have been designed to remove both hazardous and non-hazardous chemicals

  • Regulatory & Auditing Support
  • Employee Training
  • Comprehensive Onsite Service
  • Program Oversight
  • Qualified Technical Staff

Our Technicians are able to classify the waste products according to the regulations laid out by the DOT (Dept. of Transportation) and the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency).

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