Light Bulb Recycling

We are truly an expert at recycling light bulbs of all kind whether it is energy efficient light bulbs, fluorescent tubes or sodium lamps that contain mercury and other toxic metallic compounds. These bulbs cannot be disposed of simply as trash or even dumped in landfills because mercury poisoning is a serious health hazard and many states have prohibited it the disposal as it makes it way into food cycle.

Our solutions include nationwide pickups, removal and packing and certified recycling. We handle all types of bulbs: Compact fluorescent (CFL) light bulb, sodium/ mercury vapour bulbs, old light bulbs, Incandescent, Light-emitting diode (LED), Metal Halide, Tubular fluorescent and Ultraviolet lamps. In addition to this, we also recycle mercury-containing devices, as well as, ballast. This is why we are considered as the most comprehensive solution provider for light bulb recycling in the USA.

Quality Light Bulb Disposal Services

With our in-depth knowledge and expertise in this sector, Haz Waste Company renders the best light bulb recycling & disposal services in California. The company has earned its reputation by providing progressive solutions to its customers, that are not only economical but are highly effective in handling the bulb disposal needs. Once the hazardous material is removed, it is transported in a safe way to the processing facility where trained workers process it with special protective gears. Furthermore, these materials are recycled which not only reclaim its useful contents but also reduces the waste volume. We have been operating in this sector for many years, and all our services are in strict conformity with the state & federal laws.

By recycling light bulbs in California Haz Waste Company prevents the release of mercury into the environment, promotes recycling and all this while adhering to the US states & local jurisdictions.

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