Disposal of Hazardous Waste in Bakersfield, California

Haz Waste Company is a trusted name that offers comprehensive solutions to manage all your needs for collection, removal, transportation and safe disposal of hazardous waste in Bakersfield, California. We handle all types of hazardous waste management and recycling of by-products generated by Industries, Medical & Healthcare institution, Chemicals Laboratories, and Households.
We provide expert services in areas of Chemical Analysis and Profiling, Oil Cleanup, Lab Packing, and collection, transportingĀ  & recycling of universal waste, including Fluorescent Lamps and Tubes, Paints, Thinners, Pool Chemicals, and Aerosols. Our team of professionals and engineering expert are up-to-date with the laws and regulations about material disposal technique and ensures our client get a prompt and economically viable solutions.

If you are inĀ  Bakersfield, California, contact us now and one of our hazardous waste disposal/recycling experts will assist you in choosing a hazmat disposal solution. Your local garbage gathering & disposal company is prohibited from handling hazardous waste, and only the precise handling procedure of this material will guarantee that you are in compliance with the federal, state and local rules &regulations.

  • Prompt response
  • Handles all types of hazardous waste
  • Customized solution to your needs
  • Highly specialized and trained manpower
  • Services compliance with regulations
  • Economical
  • Customer-centric approach
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