Hazardous Waste Services in Modesto, California

When you choose Haz Waste Company to manage your hazardous waste, all across Modesto, California, you ensure yourself to get a customized solution that saves you from the labyrinth of various stringent laws and regulations in place. The administration of hazardous waste needs utmost caution, as it poses a threat to both humans as well as the environment. Only a licensed company is allowed to undertake the removal, collection, transportation, recycling and disposal of hazardous waste and that too in a controlled and regulated way.

Haz Waste Company offers a range of quality services to handle hazardous waste whether generated by construction/ manufacturing enterprises, medical institutions & healthcare facilities, R&D laboratories. The Company specializes in Chemical Analysis & Profiling, Emergency Spill Response, Lab Packing, Oil Cleanup and Asbestos disposal. Besides, we have an extensive network for collecting & recycling of Universal Waste including household waste as discarded fluorescent lamps & tubes, paints, thinners, commonly used chemicals, and aerosols.

HazWaste Company offers most comprehensive services all across Modesto, California. Our team of professionals with their up-to-date knowledge and understanding of the associated laws (local/state/federal) ensures that not only the rendered services are practical but at the same time are sustainable, economical and viable too. If you are concerned with the safe disposal of hazardous waste, you can entrust us with this responsibility. We offer around the clock service. Our customer-centric approach and ethical business policies are central to our commitment.

  • Prompt Response & Action
  • Vast Network Of Strategic/Logistic Partner
  • Customized solution to every problem
  • Highly specialized and trained manpower
  • Services compliant with rules and regulations
  • Expanding Customer Base
  • Affordable
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