Hazardous Waste Services in Oakland, California

Haz Waste Company offers a range of expert services & solutions for the safe disposal of hazardous materials all across Oakland, California. Hazardous waste poses a grave threat to the environment and people. Thus, it requires careful handling and that too while adhering to local, state & federal rules & regulations. Therefore, only licensed vendor/operators are permitted to undertake the job.
Haz Waste Company, over past several years,  has been employed in rendering their expert managing services in the collection, removal, transportation, recycling and safe disposal of hazardous waste. The company follows ethical business policies and ensure that our services remain in agreement within the stipulated budget and time frame. We not only manage hazmat but, also provide customized solutions according to your requirements, all across Oakland, California. Our team of competent and proficient professionals owns expertise in the use of latest systems and practices that are backed up by the sound knowledge of the industry and shield you from any accountability.
We operate all types of hazardous wastes, which are the by-products of industries, health & medical care entities, R&D testing and household items such as fluorescent lamps, tubes, paints, etc. Besides, we also expertly manage hazmat related operations that include Emergency Spill Response, Chemical Analysis & Profiling, Lab Packing, and Oil Cleanup.
HazWaste Company offers a complete and wide spectrum of hazmat management services & solution all across Oakland, California. If you generate any kind hazardous waste, we provide around the clock assistance, which is backed up by an extensive network of channel partners & vendors. Our customer-centric policies are central to our term of engagement.

  • Prompt Response Service
  • Handles all types of hazardous waste
  • Customized solution to your needs
  • Highly specialized and trained manpower
  • Services compliance with regulations
  • Expanding Customer Base
  • Affordable Services
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