Hazardous Waste Disposal Services in Riverside, California

Hazardous waste necessitates very careful handling and safe disposal, due to its very nature of being harmful, toxic and detrimental to humans and the environment. Haz Waste Company is well-equipped to undertake hazardous waste management and disposal jobs all across Riverside, California. We are engaged in this business for the past several years and gained perceptible experience in the gathering, removal, transportation, recycling and ultimately safe disposal of hazardous waste in compliance with various federal, state, local rules and regulations. We provide sustainable solutions to your requirements. Our procedures are guided by a team of qualified and trained experts that maintains up-to-date knowledge of systems, as well as, techniques while remaining in agreement with concerned rules and the regulations, for safeguarding your interest. We handle all types of hazardous waste whether generated by commercial enterprises, medical & healthcare entities, R&D laboratories and also by standard household waste such as fluorescent lamps, CFL, paints, thinners, etc. Besides these, we also expertly manage and assist hazmat related services that include Emergency Spill Response, Chemical Analysis & Profiling, Lab Packing, and Oil Disposal/Cleanup.

Haz Waste Company offers most extensive yet economical services all across Riverside, California. If you are in need of safe disposal of your hazardous waste, we offer 24x7x365 disposal & recycling service/solutions. These services are competently assisted by our in-house team and a broad network of logistic/strategic channel partners. Our customer-centric strategy reflects our commitment.

  • Services Compliant With Rules And Regulations
  • Timely & Budget Restrained, Affordable Services
  • Prompt Response, Sustainable Solutions¬† Tailored To Your Needs
  • Backed Up By Highly Trained Technicians And Expert Professional
  • Completely Compliant Transportation, Disposal & Recycling
  • Swift Quotation Including No Obligation
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