Hazardous Waste Services in Sacramento, California

When it comes to safe disposal or recycling of hazardous material in Sacramento, California, Haz Waste Company got you covered. We safeguard your company and institution whether production enterprises, industry, medical institution or R&D laboratories from any liabilities may be caused by the improper handling of hazmat waste. We provide a wide array of services and customized solutions to manage hazardous material while making sure that our efforts are compliant with various laws and regulations that govern collection, removal, transportation, recycling and disposal of hazardous materials.

We also handle universal waste comprising household items such as used fluorescent lamps, tubes, paints, thinner aerosol cans, etc. Besides, we excel in managing, recycling & disposing of hazmat related services/assistance/solution that includes prompt emergency spill response, chemical analysis, profiling, lab packing, oil cleanup and safe asbestos disposal. Only some companies, like ours, are licensed to manage hazardous material because of its very nature, it can be toxic, reactive, flammable, mutagenic or even carcinogenic. With our logistic channel partners, strategic vendors, as well as, in-house teams of qualified & trained industry experts, we ensure, the rendered services are well defined, focused, timely and are well within the budgetary limits. Haz Waste Company provides expert services for the safe disposal of hazardous waste all across Sacramento, California. We provide practical and viable solutions for all your hazardous waste needs.

  • Timely & Budget Restrained, Affordable Services
  • Services Compliant With Rules And Regulations
  • Backed Up By Highly Trained Technicians And Expert Professional
  • Prompt Response, Sustainable Solutions¬† Tailored To Your Needs
  • Swift Quotation Including No Obligation
  • Completely Compliant Transportation, Disposal & Recycling
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