Hazardous Waste Disposal Services in San Bernardino, California

Hazardous waste is a term used for material that is toxic, reactive, mutagenic, carcinogenic or poisonous in nature. If improperly handled, it may cause a threat to public health, flora, and fauna. Therefore, managing hazmat (short of hazardous material) requires licensed operators. The are various regulatory rules & directives that safeguard citizens from any harm from hazardous wastes that is generated by business entities such as pharmaceutical industries, R&D Laboratories, and Medical institutions. Haz Waste Company, an authorized firm that effectively and efficiently collects removes, transports, recycles and dispose of hazmat remaining in compliance with rules/regulation.

Haz Waste Company not only expertly manages the hazardous waste but also handles the universal waste that includes household waste produced in the form of discarded fluorescent lamps, bulbs, CFL, paints, thinner, etc. We are also credited with skillfully managing services that include Chemical Analysis & Profiling, Lab Packing, Asbestos Disposal, Oil Cleanup and Emergency Spill Response. HazWaste Company is supported by a team of well qualified and trained professionals, who keep track of latest technological advances, as well as, fully conversant & cognizant with latest regulations and procedures. We ensure that our hazardous waste services & solutions are customized as per your requirements and are economical. By managing your hazmat requirements and eventually shielding your business’s values.

  • Appropriate & Budget Controlled, Reasonable Services/Solutions
  • Services Compliant With(Local/State/Federal ) Rules And Regulations
  • Customized solution to your needs
  • Highly specialized and trained manpower
  • Services compliance with regulations
  • Expanding Customer Base
  • Affordable Services
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