Hazardous Waste Removal Services in San Jose, California

By definition, hazardous materials can be harmful, as they are toxic and carcinogenic in nature, and this is the reason, they should never find its way into the regular waste. As hazardous waste poses potential harm to people and the environment, therefore, its handling requires services of licensed operators. Several federal, state and local laws govern the collection, removal, transportation, reprocessing, recycling and disposal of hazardous materials. Other than this, common day household commodities like oil paints, paints, thinners, batteries, bulbs and asbestos(Now Restricted) which are often termed as universal waste may also pose a serious threat to human health.

Haz Waste Company offers its quality services to handle your hazardous material all across San Jose, California. At the core of our services is a team of highly qualified and trained professionals who have vast experience in devising customized solutions, as per specific needs. These hazardous wastes can be liquids, solids or gasses and may be poisonous, reactive, corrosive, explosive, combustible or mutagenic in nature.

Therefore, the hazmat management requires material chemical profiling, identification, and classification. Only then, a specific plan of action can be implemented. Haz Waste Company specializes in services related to Chemical Analysis & Profiling, Lab Packing, Emergency Spill Response and Oil Cleanup. With an extensive network of channel partner and strategic operators, we can deliver timely, economical and comprehensive solutions pertaining to your requirements, all across San Jose, California. Our ethical business policies & customer-centric approach is the fundamental of our commitment.

  • Hazmat Transportation, Inspection, Profiling And Classification
  • Services Compliant With(Local/State/Federal ) Rules And Regulations
  • Customized solution to your needs
  • Highly specialized and trained manpower
  • Services compliance with regulations
  • Expanding Customer Base
  • Affordable Services
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