Hazardous Waste Removal Services in Santa Ana, California

Hazardous waste is an ever growing problem, as the amounts of hazardous material keep on increasing day-by-day. Therefore, we are left with two alternatives to either dispose of it in a safe manner, treat it or recycle it. EPA or Environmental Protection Agency is an organization that regulates hazardous waste handlers and operators to protects the environment, as well as, people’s health. HazWaste Disposal Company is a hazmat disposal and management firm that deals with the gathering, recycling and hazmat treatment. Haz Waste Company is committed to formulating and implement comprehensive and affordable hazmat solutions that are tailored to your requirement all across Santa Ana, California.

Hazardous waste can be dangerous as it is toxic, carcinogenic, mutagenic and poisonous in nature. Due to its very nature, there is a need to exercise utmost caution in handling it. There is various federal, state, and local regulations, that are in place to governs companies like us to safely and systematically collect, remove, transport, recycle, and dispose of harmful hazmat waste. Haz Waste Company also offers specialized services related to Chemical Analysis & Profiling Emergency Spill Response, Lab Packing, Oil Cleanup, Asbestos Disposal and PCB Transformer Disposal.

We have years of experience & expertise in handling all types of hazardous wastes and with our strategic channel partners/Logistic operators, we provide round the clock hazmat management services & solutions in Santa Ana, California‎.

  • Affordable And Stipulated Time-Bounded Hazmat Waste Solutions
  • Recycling, Processing, And Disposal Of Hazardous Materials
  • Sustainable Customized Solutions With Fully Compliant Services
  • Highly specialized and trained manpower
  • Hazmat Transportation, Profiling, Classification And Inspection
  • 24-Hour Availability, Prompt Action By Specialized & Trained Professionals
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