Hazardous Waste Removal Services in Stockton, California

Hazardous waste as per its very nature is harmful to humans, or other life forms, and the environment. It may contain chemicals those are toxic and reactive by itself or when it reacts with other chemicals or possesses properties that make it a threat to public health. Only a registered vendor is permitted to undertake its collection, removal, transportation, recycling and disposal. To exercise effective control over the management of hazardous waste, there are several federal, state and local rules those are required to be strictly followed. If your establishment in Stockton, California is generating hazardous waste materials or any other chemical, Haz Waste Company, can handle it while saving you from the hassles of compliance. We are a well-established and experienced company engaged in this field. Our strength is our team of highly trained professionals who are dedicatedly working to innovate customized solutions according to your needs.

Various sources are generating hazardous waste, including industrial units, medical & pharmaceutical entities, R&D laboratories. Hazardous waste is classified by the quantity produced into two categories, each governed by different regulations. Even common household products contain harmful chemicals. In California, disposal of household waste in the trash is illegal. Discarded fluorescent lights contain a small amount of mercury – classified as hazardous waste under the Resource Conservation Recovery Act (RCRA). As per laws in California, they are required to be collected and recycled. While the handling of all types of hazardous materials is our principal concern, Haz Waste Company also competently manages services those relate to emergency spill response, chemical analysis & profiling, lab packing, and oil cleanup.

Haz Waste Company believes that quality of services rendered by us be our yardstick for expanding our customer base in California. We are ably assisted by a network of associates to reach you at the earliest as and when you need us. We are committed to providing most comprehensive solutions for all your needs.

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